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Advanced and/or Simple Easy Timesheets.

Apart from user information, user tasks and other user data, the database that is used with practically all Xpress Software products also stores and dispatches your license keys, the sequence of numbers and letters generated to activate your software and prevent any type of illicit use.


One database can have a multitude of different license types. For instance, you can have an admixture of professional and premier licenses in Advanced Timesheets and assign each corresponding user that you have created an appropriate license.  For instance you can have 5 users in the same program in the same database all using different editions.  A set-up like this does not  need or require any kind of custom implementation or development thus decreasing costs and saving on overall expenses.  

Of course the program will correspond to what license the user is in possession of, so differing users will have different permissions relative to what type of license they have,  whether they are in the same office, on the same floor or even in the same room. This is very ideal for for permission and access control. 


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