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Biometric Time Clocks

PayPunch applications is compatible with wide variety of Biometric and card reader devices. Each device provides a secure way for users to punch in, while PayPunch software maintains attendance history and allows management to review all records.

Bellow is a table of device categories that are compatible with PayPunch software. Click on each category to see a list of devices.

Biometric and Card Reading Devices:

Hand Punch Device Hand Punch Devices

Hand geometry readers positively identify users by the shape and size of their hands. Hand Readers provide a fail-safe method to ensure that the person who enters isn’t merely carrying someone else’s access card or PIN.
Price: from $1434.00

See list of devices

Finger Print Device Fingerprint Devices

Fingerprint readers provide a secure and safe way to identify users by their fingerprint. A large number of devices are compatible with PayPunch software and can be used as an alternative method of punching in or out at your workplace.
Price: USB from $98.95, Network from $330.00

See list of devices

Proximity Card Reader Proximity Card Reader (RFID)

Using proximity card readers together with PayPunch application, allows users quickly and efficiently punch in and out of their workplace.
Price: from $345.00

See list of devices

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