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PayPunch Time and Attendance Software

 4-30-2013 3-27-03 PMXpress Software Inc. has released a new version of PayPunch, a Windows-based time and attendance data collection system that replaces the typical time clock used to monitor employees. Instead of employees punching a time card, they simply insert their hand into the reader and enter their employee number. PayPunch verifies their identify, logs their attendance and payroll-related expenses drop significantly.

PayPunch captures, analyzes, and reports all time and attendance information to your payroll system. Shift supervisors no longer need to monitor time clock activity at punch-in/out times. The program eliminates countless hours of error-prone payroll calculations and eliminates the abuses associated with time card systems, including buddy-punching, early punch-ins, and unauthorized overtime.

Employee safety is enhanced because managers always have current information about employees’ whereabouts. In the event of a fire or other emergency, it’s easy to identify which employees are in which facility. Even under non-critical conditions, PayPunch can be programmed to open access doors or perform other mechanical operations.


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