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Biometric Attendance Software

PayPunch is a Biometric Time Clock & Attendance tracking system that replaces the typical time clock used to track employee’s attendance.

Download our 30 day Free Trial from our website www.paypunch.com  and let the tracking begin.

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Organizing your workforce has never been easier.  PayPunch allows creating companies and departments to match your company structure. 

With a variety of options to offer, PayPunch gives a true power to manage Time and Attendance. Control of overtime, allows cutting down unauthorized working time. Your working weeks can be properly arranged using accounting periods.

By implementing simple in use but at the same time sophisticated shift system we made sure that every employee can have his/her own working day. With each employee having a unique ID there’s certainly no chance of a time mix up. 

If your employees are working remotely and have no access to the clock, we have a Web Login for remote punches.

We’ve put incredible amount of work with customer feedbacks into building our shift systems. With PayPunch V. 9 you will get set-up flexibility, you were looking for.

Similarly PayPunch handles Exceptions that may include special accommodations and time adjustments.

In order to make software friendly for every purpose, we’ve introduced three types of time tracking

  • Shift Mode tracks employee time based on the assigned shift.
  • Simple Mode allows a basic IN and Out tracking
  • Access Control takes care of access times.
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