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US100C-ID Fingerprint and Card Reader

1-29-2013 4-04-35 PM

US100C now also comes with integrated Proximity (ID) option to use the reader for multi-factor authentication.

US100C-ID is a standalone wall mount time & attendance clock that will interface directly into the PayPunch Time and Attendance Software through an Ethernet connection. The US100C-ID has unparalleled performance, ease-of-use, precision and fast matching speed.

The standalone time clock can use a fingerprints and proximity cards to register clock in and clock out activity.

Model  No. US100C-ID
Fingerprint  Capacity 1500 Templates (expandable to 5000)
Transaction  Capacity 50,000
ID Card Storage 10,000
Communication Protocol TCP/IP, RS232/485
Verification Mode Fingerprint, Password  , ID  Card, Fingerprint+ID  Card  , Fingerprint  +Password  +ID  Card, Fingerprint  +ID  Card  +  Password
Operation Voltage 12V  DC  1.5A
Resting Current 35mA,   Working  current  : 400mA
Reader Module ID  Card  Reader  Module
Identification time: < =2s
FAR: < =0.0001%
  FRR: < =1%
Operating Temperature 0C-45C
Operating Humidity 20%-80%
Voice Hint Multi  Language  Support
Dimension 200  x  150  x  50mm
Net  Weight 2.5kg

Price: $869.99
On Sale: $355.00
Buy Online or Call 1-888-777-0388 to Order! 

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