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Biometric Time and Attendance Solutions

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Today, most employers face a challenge in controlling employee’s attendance. Some of the major problems are; “buddy‐punching”, unauthorized overtime, time spent on processing employees’ attendance, and human error in payroll calculation. PayPunch Time and Attendance system was developed in 2004 and since then Xpress Software, has been providing Biometric Time and Attendance solutions to thousands of customers in organizations such as; government, medical, food processing, manufacturing, and retail. PayPunch system is being implemented in businesses of all sizes, numbering from just a few to thousands of employees operating in different environments; such as factories, restaurants, hotels, warehouses, offices and construction sites.

PayPunch is a Time & Attendance tracking system that works in conjunction with biometric time clock: Fingerprint Readers and Hand Readers, as well as, non‐biometric devices: Proximity and HID Card Readers. Instead of employees punching in a time‐card or logging their attendance by hand, they simply place their finger on the Fingerprint Reader sensor, place their hand into the Hand Reader or flash a card in front of the proximity or HID card reader and PayPunch does the rest!

“PayPunch eliminated our expenses associated with employee badges and problems caused by buddy punching. Before the PayPunch, it took us about 6 man-hours a week to calculate payroll manually. Now, the major portion of the work is provided by PayPunch. We like the system because it is simple, reliable and functions well. Plus, the implementation of the system was quick, professional and user friendly. I would recommend PayPunch to any company that is interested in serious payroll reduction.”

Mario Bali
Design and Engineering Manager
Prospec Manufacturing Inc.


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