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U300C Biometric Fingerprint Reader


U300C Biometric Fingerprint Reader(NEW MODEL)
u300cU300-C is an innovative biometric fingerprint reader for Time & Attendance applications, offering unparalleled performance using an advanced algorithm for reliability, precision and excellent matching speed. The U300-C features the fastest commercial-based fingerprint matching algorithm and ZK high-performance, high-image quality optical fingerprint sensor. The 3 inch TFT can display more information vividly, including fingerprint image quality and verification result etc. TCP/IP communication is standard and make sure the data transmission between terminal and PC can be easily done within several seconds.


  • Color TFT screen with GUI interface for ease of use
  • Optical sensor
  • 1-touch – 1-second user recognition
  • Stores 3,000 templates and 100,000 transactions
  • Reads fingerprints, cards  and/or PINs
  • Built-in bell scheduling
  • Built-in Serial and Ethernet ports
  • Multi-language support
  • Audio-visual indications for acceptance and rejection of valid/invalid fingers

Price: $845.99
On Sale: $340.00
Buy Online or Call 1-888-777-0388 to Order!

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