How to remotely enroll employees on a HandPunch device

Whenever I need to enroll a new employee on our HandPunch device, I need to drive to our other office, which is about 20 minutes away. Is there a way I can enroll the employee remotely?

With the Biometric Handpunch Manager, you can easily and quickly enroll an employee from a remote location.

First, connect to the biometric device and go to User Manager. Enter the Employee’s ID along with the other fields. If you are using PayPunch Time and Attendance Software, please make sure that the employees ID on the device is the same as in PayPunch.


Click Add, which will then ask you if you would like to enroll a handpunch. Click Yes to enroll a HandPunch, and then click the Enroll Button.


At this time, the HandPunch device will beep, allowing your employee to enroll their hand. Finish the enrollment process, and the employee can now punch in and out using their ID!

For more information, please feel free to call us at 1-888-777-0388 or by sending an email to

Download a 30 day Free Trial here!

Biometric HandPunch Manager version 8 Released

We are pleased to announce that the 8th version of the Biometric Handpunch Manager has been released!


The Biometric HandPunch Manager allows you to control your biometric devices remotely. You can easily perform tasks such as enrolling or editing an employee, backing up your employee list, setting the clock time, and a lot more.

I have a HandPunch device downstairs and another in an office 20 minutes from here. It’s great that I save a lot of time and gas with this software; I don’t even have to leave my office!

Features include:

  • User Management
  • Clock Management
  • Time Zone Settings
  • Bell Scheduling
  • Backup and Restore
  • And More!

Download a 30 Day trial of the Biometric HandPunch Manager Here!

How to set up a Time and Attendance Solution without connecting your biometric device to your network

With PayPunch Time and Attendance Solution, you can easily manage your employees attendance using a biometric device even if you do not connect your device to your network.

  1. If you do not already have PayPunch installed on your computer, you can download it here.
  2. Install PayPunch. In the Components, make sure you select the Universal Biometric Driver (UBD).
  3. Once installed, you can use the Setup Wizard to quickly setup your software.
  4. If you do not have a Biometric Time Clock, you can purchase one from our website. Certain models allow you to use a USB stick to export your data such as the U300C-ID and US10C-ID. If you do not know which model to get, feel free to ask us and we will help you choose the time clock most suited to your needs. You can call us at 1-888-777-0388, or by sending an email to
  5. On your device, set up your Employees. Make sure that their ID match the ID of PayPunch.
  6. Once PayPunch and the device is set up, you can start tracking your employees time and attendance.

In order to pull registrations from the device, you can use a USB stick to download registrations off of the device. Please note that certain devices have the capability to download registrations to a USB stick. If you need more information about which devices have this ability, please contact us at

To download registrations from your device*:

  1. Plug a USB stick into your device.
  2. Go into the management menu of the device. You will need to enter administrative credentials if an administrator is set up on the device.
  3. Go to Pen DrivePenDrive
  4. There are two options here:
    • Download: This will Download information from the device and save it on the USB Stick.
    • Upload: This will Upload information from the USB stick and save it on the Device.
  5. Click on Download > Download AttLog (Download Attendance Logs). Download.PNG
  6. Remove the USB stick.

*Please note that certain devices may not have this option. These steps will work with most ZK time clocks such as the U300C-ID and US10C-ID, which can be purchased from our website.

Once you have your registrations on your USB Stick:

  1. Plug the USB Stick into the computer with PayPunch and the UBD installed.
  2. In PayPunch, go to Employees > USB Attendance Logs Import. Navigate to the folder or drive that the file is resides in and click OK.

Your attendance records will then be downloaded into PayPunch!

Manage the Status of your Clients and Calls

In order to effectively manage your clients and calls, you need to track their status.

There are two kinds of statuses; the Call Status, and the Client-Call Status.

In Advanced Contact Manager, you can set the Call Status to track the status of the call. For example, the call will start off as Open, and once it is completed, it would be changed to Closed. You can track how many calls have been closed in the report section of ACM.

In ACM – Contact Relationship Manager, you can set the Client-Call Status to represent the status of the client. For example, if a client contacts you for information about your product or service, they would be considered a New client. Once they make a purchase, they would be changed to Existing.

Call Status: This is the status of the call. Statuses include:

  • Open
  • Assign
  • In process
  • Suspended
  • Closed
  • Rejected

Client-Call Status: This is the status of the client. Statuses include:

  • New
  • Existing
  • Old
  • Quoted
  • Refunded

You can assign the Call status by right clicking on the email and selecting Set Status.

You can assign the Call or Client-Call status status by going to Calls > Group Assign.

Process Status.PNG

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How to use Tickets to Track Calls

The Ticketing system in Advanced Contact Manager is one of the newest features in our latest version of the software. With the ticketing system, you can easily track open issues, purchase inquiries, and more.

To create a ticket, right click on the email you wish to assign a ticket, then go to Tickets > Create.


You can then track and manage all of your tickets within the Ticket menu.


How to Manage your Call List

It is very easy to import your calls into Advanced Contact Manager to track your calls and clients.

Your call list is an important part to create groups and send out newsletters. You can also track the expiry date on your clients, and see who is up for a renewal.

The easiest way to import calls is by using a .xls (Excel 97-2003 Workbook) or a .csv file (Delimited by semi-colon “;”). You can easily create this file using Microsoft Excel.

There are 7 columns when importing calls:

  • Product Name
    • The name of the product associated with the call
  • Client Name*
  • Client Email
  • Client Phone
  • Start Date
    • This is the start date for the client
  • Finish Date
    • The is the finish date for the client. Can be used to track product expiry.
  • Call Contact
    • Either the Client’s Phone or Email


Call Import.PNG

In the Rearrange option, you can rearrange your columns, the date format, and other options.

When ready, click Full Import; your calls will then be added to your call list. Click Refresh to see the changes.


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