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Best Price 100% Guarantee


We will be pleased to work with you to match your needs with our best possible price.

Originally posted on Xpress Software Inc.:

guarantee-priceIt’s our goal to provide you with the lowest possible price.* If a competitor has a lower advertised final price, we will beat it by 10% of the difference. If you find such a deal, simply send us an email with their quote or website link and we’ll honor all requests that fit our criteria.

*Price-Match Terms:

  • all sales are final and non-refundable
  • not valid on previous purchases.
  • cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotional offers.
  • send an email with competitor’s quote. (or price tag)
  • In stock on competitor’s site
  • Our associates will verify that the item is in stock and available for immediate sale and deliver at the listed price
  • Advertised prices must be in USD dollars

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Why should I renew my Software Maintenance Plan?

Software Maintenance PlanSoftware Maintenance Plan =Software Upgrade Plan=Software Warranty Plan. Software Maintenance Plan for software is like a warranty plan for appliance. Appliances normally come with one year limited warranty plan. It can be extended if you wish. When you purchase software from us, you also receive one year Free Software Maintenance Plan with your initial purchase. One year later, the Software Maintenance Plan expires and it is your choice to renew it or not.

There are 3 main reasons as why you should renew your Software Maintenance Plan.

  1. Software Maintenance Plan gives you peace of mind.

Just like having the appliance warranty plan, you never feel so glad that you have it until you actually encounter an issue with your product. With Software Maintenance Plan, you know that you will get the support you need when you need it with no extra questions and no extra cost.

  1. Software Maintenance Plan saves you time and money.

Customers with Software Maintenance Plan receive Priority Phone services, Email services as well as exclusive Remote Connection services. Software Maintenance Plan is more cost efficient than individual services. It not only includes License Key Retrieval, Database Recovery and Activation Reset services but also free upgrades and patches.

  1. Your data is safer with Software Maintenance Plan.

Software Maintenance Plan keeps your software up to date. Using the current version of the software will ensure that your database and the data it contains are secure, preserved as well as retrievable in the event anything unfortunate occurs. The older the database, the less likely it is to recover any data.

Renew PayPunch Software Maintenance Plan

Renew Advanced Time Report Software Maintenance Plan

Renew Advanced ID Creator Software Maintenance Plan

For more information please call us at 1888-777-0388 or send an email to

Small Business Owners: Invest your money wisely


Biometric Time Clocks are commonly used by business of all sizes nowadays. You can find low cost time clocks on popular online shopping sites with just few clicks.

Why should I buy from Xpress Software?” If you ever have this question on mind, here is the answer.

Firstly, all time clock devices from Xpress Software have the latest version of firmware installed. Firmware is updated right before the device is sent to customers. How old is the firmware on your device?

Secondly, time clocks have to pass all tests before they are sent to customers. Is your time clock tested?

Thirdly, all devices have 12 month limited warranty so you know that your device is protected. What kind of warranty does your supplier offer?

So our question is: “Did you receive this information from your supplier?

There is a saying I heard recently: “We are not rich enough to buy cheap things”. Buying cheap things do not necessarily save you money. Instead, you have to replace it more often; you have to spend more time and money to fix it and when you need support, you may find nothing.

Small businesses have limited resources and personnel. Why not allocate them in more productive areas such as sales? Let us take care of your time and attendance system and return you the peace of mind.

ROI Calculator:

Buy Time Clock:

To learn more, call us at 1888-777-0388 or send an email to


Office Closure For Statutory Holiday

Family Day Canada

Please be advised that the office will be closed for the Statutory Holiday on Monday, Feb. 17th, 2014. The office will reopen on Tuesday, Feb. 18, 2014 at 8 a.m., Eastern Time (EST).

For any inquiries during the office closure, please send us a message through email to

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Attendance Control Promotion

Our Exclusive September Promotion is now effective!

With a purchase of  PayPunch Combo #5  receive free biometric device model upgrade X628C Biometric Fingerprint Reader  to  U300C Biometric Fingerprint Reader   and 10% Software Discount.  

PayPunch Time and Attendance

 Promotion Terms:

  • subscribe to our blog to take advantage of the promotion
  • minimum purchase amount must include PayPunch Combo #5
  • all sales are final and non-refundable
  •  not valid on previous purchases.
  • cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotional offers.
  • Limited time offer, while quantities last
  • Email a Promo Code

For more details, please send us an email.

BUY NOW  and save over $200.00

Promo Code:  20130830-1700

Status: CLOSED

RSS Service Management Guide

I. Installing and starting the RSS2Web Service.

a) On the Menu Bar, click on Options and select Service…


b) The message “Service does not exist” is displayed in the Service window if the RSS2Web Service is not yet installed.


c) Click on Install. Click on OK when the installation is complete.


d) Close the Installation window.

e) The message “Service Stopped” is displayed if the RSS2Web Service is installed but not started yet.


f) To start the RSS2Web Service, click on Start.

II Setting the Service column on the main form (if it’s not on the form already).

a) On the Menu Bar, click on View and select Columns…


b) Checkmark the Service box.


c) Click OK. The Service column is shown.


III Managing tasks for the RSS2Web Service.

I. Creating a task

a) Under the Service or Schedule column checkmark the corresponding box (if unchecked).


Double-click on a selected task in a list.

The Properties window will open. Select the Schedule tab.


b) Checkmark the “Process task on schedule” and “Run as Service” boxes.


c) Set the time for the first run (otherwise the task will run immediately after the start/restart of a Service).

Click OK.


d) The highlighted task is ready for the RSS2Web Service.

Make sure that both Schedule and Service boxes are marked in order for task to run.


            II. Deleting a task for the RSS2Web Service

a)      Select the task you want to delete.

b)      Uncheck the box under Service column.

IV Sending changes for tasks to the RSS2Web Service.

            I. Modifying a task and restarting the RSS2Web Service.

a) On the Toolbar, click on Serviceimage023

b) The Service window is displayed.


II. Modifying a task and stopping the RSS2Web Service.

a) On the Toolbar, click on Serviceimage029

b) The Service window is displayed.


V Uninstalling the RSS2Web Service.

a) On the Menu Bar, click on Options and select Service…

b) In the Service window, click on Uninstall.


Click OK when uninstall is complete.

Export to ADP

August 21, 2013 3 comments

Once you’ve collected your employees’ time and attendance data with a PayPunch Time and Attendance system, you may want to “export” the data to a payroll company or to payroll software. Xpress Software has prepared export functionality in PayPunch for many of the leading payroll software packages and services, and we’re completing more all the time.

Today we will show you how to create an export file for ADP Accounting Software.

  • Run PayPunch Enterprise.
  • Click the Tools tab in the top menu pane
  • Ensure that you are using Advanced Mode (Using Shift)


  •  Select Export tab in the top menu pane and click on ADP Icon

  • In the opened dialog select the date and employees and click OK.

  • Save file on your computer.



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