Setup Daylight Saving Time on time clocks

DLST, also called Daylight Saving Time, is a system to prescribe local time in order to save energy. The unified time adopted during the system date is called “DLST”. Usually, the time will be one hour forward in summer. It can make people sleep early and get up early. It can also reduce lighting to save power. In autumn, the time will be recovered. The regulations are different in different countries. At present, nearly 110 countries adopt DLST.

“Notice: Only some models have DLST function. If you need it, please contact our support team.”

Daylight Saving Time option can be found on time date interface if the device has DLST function: Set DLST as ON and you will be able to choose from 2 DLST Date Modes.

Date Mode 1 (MM-DD HH:MM)


For example, if DLST starts on every April 1st 8:00am and ends on every August 1st 8:00am, you would enter 04-01 08:00 as Start, 08-01 08:00 as End.

Press “OK(M/<-)” to save setting. Press “ESC” to exit without saving

Date Mode 2 (MM-WS-WK HH:MM)

MM: Month, from 1 to 12 where 1 represents January and 2 for February and so on.

WS: Number of weeks, 1-6 where 1 represents first week, 2 means second week and so on.

WL: Week, 0 to 6, where 0 represents Sunday, 1 represents Monday and so on.

For example, DLST starts on the second Sunday in March at 2:00am and ends on the first Sunday in November at 2:00am. These models should display as follows:


Press “OK(M/<-)” to save setting. Press “ESC” to exit without saving.

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How to change Date and Time in time clocks?

Start at the Check/Clock-In screen. Press the Menu key to open the Main Menu and select the Date/Time option, as shown in the following figure:


Enter the menu and you will see the following screen.


Date: Enter Year, Month and Day.

Time: Enter Hour, Minute and Second.

Time Format: 24 Hour (Military) or 12 Hour (Civilian).

DLST: Turn ON/OFF Day Light Saving Time option.

Select OK (M/<-) to save the settings.

More questions?

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Job Code Assignment in PayPunch 10

Job Code function has been introduced in our previous post. To help users utilize this feature, we’ve created a new Job Code Assignment Wizard in PayPunch Version 10.

Default Job Code and Temporary Job Code options give companies the opportunity to take a closer look at their labor costs.

Select Company, Departments or Employees:


Choose Default Job Code or Temporary Job Code:


Send me an email when PayPunch 10 is released.

Renew Software Maintenance Plan.

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Halloween 2014 “Scary” 1 Day Only Sale

October 29, 2014 2 comments

halloween With Halloween right around the corner, we are excited to announce our Scary One Day Only Sale! It will begin on October 31st, 2014 at 12:00 AM EDT and ended on the same day, at 11:59 PM EDT.  Do not miss out on these great deals on your favorite software. Receive 31% Discount on all Xpress Software applications! To receive 31% instant refund on your purchase.

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  • all sales are final and non-refundable
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How to use ATR Server

Advanced Time Reports is a powerful project tracking and management software that allows client-server interaction in a synchronized manner. The system can be setup for both the local and the web functionality.

ATR Server is a component of ATR software which enables the synchronization between clients and the server.

In order to use ATR Server function, user must install both the ATR Server and the ATR Client on company’s server machine.ATR_Server_Console

In Advanced Time Reports Server Console, user can specify the Database path to ATR Central Database which located on company’s server.

Where can I find Advanced Time Reports Server Console?

32 bit Operating System: C:\Program Files\Xpress Software\ATRClient\ATRServer\ ATRServerConsole.exe

64 Bit Operating System: C:\Program Files (X86)\Xpress Software\ATRClient\ATRServer\ ATRServerConsole.exe

Default path to database:

Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Documents\Xpress Software\ATRClient\ATRClient.mdb

Win Vista/7/8: C:\Program Data\Xpress Software\ATRClient\ATRClient.mdb

Connect to ATR Server from ATR Client

Users need to install ATR Client on their PCs. During installation, users should create their own databases.

Run ATR after installation. Go to Options tab->Server and enter the IP address of the server which ATR Server is installed. Test connection.


In ATR Client, Tools tab, user may synchronize with server, download and upload timesheets with few clicks.

Manage users’s Timesheets

Administrator is able to manage all users’ timesheets from ATR Client on the server where ATR Server is installed.

Simply select one user from the drop down menu, all timesheets uploaded by this user will become available.

Each user can be assigned different permissions by administrator. In order for users to synchronize their database with ATR Server, this permission has to be enabled.Permissions

Advantage of using ATR Server than using one central shared database:

  • Each user has his personal database which can be managed and backed up on local PC.
  • Users only need connection to central database when they upload/download timesheets.

More Questions?

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How to fix error “Error occurred during download process” in PayPunch

If you encounter an error “Error occurred during download process. See ubd_error.log for the details.” in PayPunch, please try the following:

1. Check “ubd_error.log” and find out which time clock caused the error?


Where can I find this log?

Win XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Xpress Software\Universal Biometric Driver\ubd_error.log

Win 7/8: C:\Program Data\Xpress Software\Universal Biometric Driver\ubd_error.log

2. Go to Tools tab->UBD Options->Edit Device and “Test connection”. If connection is ok, try to download attendance logs again. If connection failed, go to step 3.


Note: Make sure Device Type is correct and use Port 4370 for all time clocks except HandPunch devices. Use Port 3001 for all HandPunch devices.

3. Ping device IP address (Host). If you get a reply from this command, but connection still failed, change device IP (see instruction) and try again. 


If you received message “request time out” or “destination host unreachable”, go to next step.


How to Ping IP Address?

Open Start Menu and hit Run. Then enter cmd and press Enter. When command prompt window opens, type ping where is the IP address that you have assigned to the device and press Enter.

4. Go to the time clock and make sure that internet cable is plugged in securely.

5. If device still cannot be pinged, check your network and router settings and then try again.

6. More questions? Contact our support team.

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How to assign a different IP address to the time clock?

October 24, 2014 1 comment

1. Check your network configuration.

Open Start Menu and hit Run. Then enter cmd and press Enter. When command prompt window opens, type ipconfig.


Note: Device and your PC have to be in the same network. In this case, my PC’s IP address is so IP address of time clock has to be in the same format: 192.168.1.XXX. If for example, your IP address is, you would use 192.168.2.XXX for your time clock.

2. Find an unused IP address in your network.

Ping addresses within your network (in my case, to until you find one that gives “Request timed out” or “Destination host unreachable”. In this case, I found an unused IP address which is I will assign this IP address to my time clock.


If you have IT persons or network specialists in the company, please ask them for assistance for the best result.

3. Change network setting on the time clock.

On the time clock itself, go to Menu->Comm.->Network and change the IP address from there.


4. Ping new IP address.

In command prompt, ping your device’s new IP address. If there are replies from this IP address, continue to the next step. If not, go back to step 2.


5. Change device settings in UBD.

Open PayPunch, go to Tools tab->UBD Options->Edit device and change its IP address and then test connection.UBD

6. Connection Failed? Contact our support team.

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