Black Friday Promotion 2014

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Xpress Software wishes you a Happy Thanksgiving Day!

With Black Friday around the corner, we are excited to announce our Exclusive Black Friday Promotion. It will begin on November 27th 2014 and continue until December 1st 2014.  Do not miss out on these great deals on your favorite software.

Receive 11% Discount on all Xpress Software time clocks and 28% Discount on all Xpress Software applications.

1. Find the Products you want.
2. Add the product(s) to your shopping cart.
3. Proceed to checkout.
4. Select delivery and billing options.
5. Review your order.
6. Submit your order.
7. Receive an online order confirmation.
8. Send us an email with the order confirmation and the promo code.

That’s right, getting discounted rates as easy as asking for it. So be sure to tell your friends and colleagues!

 Promotion Terms:

  • all sales are final and non-refundable
  • not valid on previous purchases
  • cannot be combined with any other discounts or promotional offers.
  • limited time offer
  • send an email with order confirmation and the promo code


Moving PayPunch to new computer

Computer crashed? Getting rid of old systems?

PayPunch Time and Attendance software is super easy to install and use.

This guide will help you move PayPunch software from your old PC to the new PC.

1. Find out Version and Edition of your PayPunch software.

Open PayPunch software, go to Help tab click on About Form. Contact Support.


2. Backup PayPunch database. Please refer to the following steps for proper procedure:

2.1. Start PayPunch and login as administrator.

2.2. Open Tools > UBD options.

2.3. Stop and then uninstall the UBD Service.

2.4. Locate PayPunch database (xscommon.mdb file).

2.5. Backup your database file and transfer it to a secure location on your new PC using a USB Flash Drive.

2.6. Exit PayPunch.

3. On your new PCDownload PayPunch software.

4. Launch the installation file.

5. Put check marks for PayPunch and Universal Biometric driver.

6. When choosing database, use Create New Database.


7. Finish the installation.

8. Run PayPunch and check if application is running well. If yes, close application.

9. Open database folder (path in step 6). Rename current database and then move old database here (XSCommon.mdb).


10. Log back into PayPunch.

Questions? Our support team is ready to help you.

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Xpress Software Black Friday Sale Starts in 12 HOURS!


Xpress Software Inc. BLACK FRIDAY SALE EVENT is just 12 HOURS away!

Take 11% OFF all TIME CLOCKS!

Take 28% OFF all SOFTWARE!

Plus, receive ADDITIONAL DISCOUNTS on your purchase of $2014 USD or more!

For more details, see Black Friday Promotion 2014 or contact our support team.

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Install PayPunch Enterprise with SQL Server Database

PayPunch is a user-friendly and flexible time and attendance software that can be used by companies of all sizes. It is based on MS Access and SQL Server.

PayPunch version 9 is compatible with most Windows Operating Systems, including Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8.1 and more.

SQL Server Database Option is available in PayPunch Enterprise Edition only. (SQL Server database is optional. Install PayPunch with Access database.)

Please note that although SQL Server is selected, both MS Access database (XSCommon.mdb) and MS SQL Server database will be used. All data will be stored in SQL Server database but Access database will contain strings to SQL Server database.

1. Download PayPunch Enterprise from our official website.

2. Run the setup file.

3. Check both PayPunch and Universal Biometric Driver when selecting component to be installed.

4. Create a new database.


5. Select SQL Server as Database Type.


6. Enter your SQL Server Name, Login and Password (Admin account). Test connection and make sure connection is successful before proceeding to the next step.



7. Click Next>, Next>. Software will be installed and PayPunch SQL Server database will be created.



8. Open SQL Server Management Studio and check if PayPunch database is created.


9. Run PayPunch Enterprise. Create a company and then check if this record is written to SQL Server database.

Configuring PayPunch and UBD

IMPORTANT: database file must be located on the same computer where you have installed UBD.

More Questions?

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Setup Daylight Saving Time on time clocks

DLST, also called Daylight Saving Time, is a system to prescribe local time in order to save energy. The unified time adopted during the system date is called “DLST”. Usually, the time will be one hour forward in summer. It can make people sleep early and get up early. It can also reduce lighting to save power. In autumn, the time will be recovered. The regulations are different in different countries. At present, nearly 110 countries adopt DLST.

“Notice: Only some models have DLST function. If you need it, please contact our support team.”

Daylight Saving Time option can be found on time date interface if the device has DLST function: Set DLST as ON and you will be able to choose from 2 DLST Date Modes.

Date Mode 1 (MM-DD HH:MM)


For example, if DLST starts on every April 1st 8:00am and ends on every August 1st 8:00am, you would enter 04-01 08:00 as Start, 08-01 08:00 as End.

Press “OK(M/<-)” to save setting. Press “ESC” to exit without saving

Date Mode 2 (MM-WS-WK HH:MM)

MM: Month, from 1 to 12 where 1 represents January and 2 for February and so on.

WS: Number of weeks, 1-6 where 1 represents first week, 2 means second week and so on.

WL: Week, 0 to 6, where 0 represents Sunday, 1 represents Monday and so on.

For example, DLST starts on the second Sunday in March at 2:00am and ends on the first Sunday in November at 2:00am. These models should display as follows:


Press “OK(M/<-)” to save setting. Press “ESC” to exit without saving.

More questions? Contact us.

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How to change Date and Time in time clocks?

Start at the Check/Clock-In screen. Press the Menu key to open the Main Menu and select the Date/Time option, as shown in the following figure:


Enter the menu and you will see the following screen.


Date: Enter Year, Month and Day.

Time: Enter Hour, Minute and Second.

Time Format: 24 Hour (Military) or 12 Hour (Civilian).

DLST: Turn ON/OFF Day Light Saving Time option.

Select OK (M/<-) to save the settings.

More questions?

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Job Code Assignment in PayPunch 10

Job Code function has been introduced in our previous post. To help users utilize this feature, we’ve created a new Job Code Assignment Wizard in PayPunch Version 10.

Default Job Code and Temporary Job Code options give companies the opportunity to take a closer look at their labor costs.

Select Company, Departments or Employees:


Choose Default Job Code or Temporary Job Code:


Send me an email when PayPunch 10 is released.

Renew Software Maintenance Plan.

Request a Quote.



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