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Happy Easter Everyone!

Please be advised that the office will be closed for the Statutory Holiday on Friday, April. 18th, 2014. The office will reopen on Monday, April. 21, 2014 at 8 a.m., Eastern Time (EST).

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S900 Biometric Fingerprint Reader

S900 is a premium fingerprint reader for attendance management. It uses the state-of-the-art rugged optical sensor and is powered by Intel® processor. Together with an advanced algorithm, S900 is geared to provide unmatched reliability and matching speed.

S900 is perfect for big companies with special needs.  It can control door locks and connect to external card readers, exit switches, door sensors, and alarms, even ring an external bell to signify the start and close of work shift(s).

This device can be purchased on our website:

To learn more, please call us at 1888-777-0388 or send an email to

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X628-C Fingerprint Reader

At Xpress Software, we understand that sometimes it is hard to pick the right device for your company when there are so many choices out there.

Start from today, we are going to show you the most popular clock devices one by one.


X628-C is a Fingerprint Reader with all basic functions. It is great for companies that look for simple time and attendance solutions.

Right now, get FREE upgrade to X628-C-ID when you purchase any number of X628-C Fingerprint Reader from us.

To learn more, please call us at 1888-777-0388 or send an email to

To purchase online, go to:


Using Shift Periods in PayPunch Enterprise

Sometime, you may need to pay different rates for different time of day that your employees work.

It is time consuming to distinguish between different time and hours, and then calculate payments manually.

Thanks to the Shift Periods feature in PayPunch Enterprise edition, you are now able to track time spend in different time ranges.

For example:

This overnight shift starts at 8:00PM and ends at 5AM.

8:00PM to 12:00AM falls in normal pay period and 12:00AM to 5:00AM falls in higher pay period. So we created two shift periods to cover both periods. We used Code 100 for normal pay period and 101 for higher pay period.





You can see on the Time Card Report, this employee worked 8 hour during normal pay period and 10 hours during higher pay period.

You are also able to export these data to your payroll system, set up coefficients for different periods of time and have payments calculated automatically.

If you are interested in PayPunch and would like to know more, you are very welcomed to join our PayPunch Webinar.

For registration, please go to:

PayPunch – A Solution for Kindergarten Safety Issues

Access control

PayPunch Time and Attendance System works with biometric devices such as Fingerprint Readers, Face Recognition Devices and HandPunch Devices.

One feature of biometric devices is access control. With access control, only person who has permission is allowed to enter the facility.

Kindergartens can set up one device for at the main entrance, or set up one device for each classroom.

This way, only parents who registered in the system will be able to enter the kindergarten or the classroom.

You can use the same system to track attendance of staffs as well. There is no limit on the number of companies you can create. Simply create two companies, setting up different rules, and then PayPunch will help you manage both your staffs and students.

To learn more, please visit PayPunch website or contact our support team.

Building Simple Payroll System with PayPunch

PayPunch is a simple solution that pays for itself over and over again by allowing your company to automate payroll processing and eliminate hours of payroll calculations.

Employee attendance data can be exported in Excel, Comma-Delimited format and used in your current payroll software, such as QuickBooks, ADP, AccPac and so on. If you would like to have a really basic payroll system, you can even use Excel.

Building a simple payroll system using PayPunch and Excel is quick and easy.

Firstly, open PayPunch, go to Export, choose an existing template or create a new template by clicking Export Editor.
If you created a new template, it will show on the export data section.


Then, choose which set of attendance data you are going to export.

After a little bit of modification (formatting and insert few formulas), my payroll is done.


Just as simple as that!

Why wait when you can start using PayPunch Right Now!

To start enjoying all the benefits of PayPunch immediately, go to and make a purchase online, choose from different packages and editions.

Or you can download a FREE 30 Days Trial from

Our PayPunch Time and Attendance Trial include all the features available in a licensed copy. You will be able to try all available features that our full Time and Attendance Software offers. The trial version will expire 30 days after your initial installation. Once the trial period is over, you may purchase PayPunch Software online or request a Quote.

For questions, comments and any other inquiries, call us Toll Free at 1888-777-0388 or send an email to

To learn more about PayPunch Time and Attendance System, go to PayPunch official website:



ATR Billing – Makes Accounting Easier

Do you know that you are able to manage all your Income, Expenses and Benefits in Advanced Time Reports? With a few clicks, ATR will generate Invoices and send it directly to your client automatically, even with your own personalized message!

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Say goodbye to the headache of having to go through time cards and receipts, try Advanced Time Reports FREE for 30 days!

Download your 30-day trial version of Advanced Time Reports today and start enjoying your work even more! Take back control of your time!

Want to learn more about how to save your time and money?

Call us Toll Free at 1888-777-0388 or send an email to





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