PayPunch Frequent Asked Question: How many licenses should I get?


PayPunch is licensed based on the total number of named employees with currently active accounts. There is no “per installation” fee.

Any employee account can be disabled at any time. Disabled accounts won’t count towards the license count. The account can later be re-enabled. This allows you to recycle licenses that were used by someone who left, etc.

You can return to our store and purchase additional licenses at any time. Once you’ve done this, you do not need to reinstall PayPunch – just update registration with new license to your current installation and start to manage new employees right away.

Quiz: How many licenses should Xpress Software Inc. get?

Q: Xpress Software Inc. has 30 employees located at 3 branches. There will be 6 managers who need to use this system to monitor employee attendance and process payroll. The software will be installed on a total of 7 computers, including the database server.

A: Xpress Software Inc. needs to purchase 30 employee licenses.

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How does PayPunch Time and Attendance System work?

PayPunch Time and Attendance System consist of 3 main parts:

  1. Punch clock device such as Biometric Fingerprint Reader, Hand Reader, Proximity Card or HID Reader.
  2. Universal Biometric Driver (UBD) software which provides communication between device and PayPunch database.
  3. PayPunch software which provides user interface to review and modify punches, print various reports and export data to your payroll system.

The graph below shows how PayPunch Time and Attendance System works step by step.

1. Employees make punches at the Time Clocks or through PayPunch Web Login.

2. UBD (Universal Biometric Driver) downloads attendance data from time clocks and uploads the information to PayPunch database which is located on the computer.

3. With PayPunch software, user can review and modify employee attendance as well as generate reports such as Time Card, Late Comers, Absence and much more.

PayPunch includes an export functionality that allows user to export all attendance hours to a CSV or Excel file to be imported into Payroll program. Export template can be easily modified to match the standards of the specific Payroll program.

To obtain more information about PayPunch, Universal Biometric Driver, Biometric Devices, and more, please visit our website or contact our support team.


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How to fix “You cannot change status of employee because of license limitation” in PayPunch?

The number of employees you may manage by PayPunch software is restricted by your PayPunch License. This message “You cannot change status of employee because of license limitation” indicates that you have used up all your Employee Licenses in PayPunch.

How to check my License Limitation?

Go to Help tab, click on About and find the number besides “Maximum Active Employees”. That is the number of employee licenses you own. This license only controls the number of active employees in the system, thus, inactive employees are not counted.


How many employees do I have in PayPunch at this moment?

Go to Employees tab and select the company from the Employee Tree. On the lower left corner of the window, you will find the total number of employees in the selected company. This number includes both active and inactive employees.

I’ve checked the numbers. What can I do now?

  1. Look for former employees who are still marked as “Active” in PayPunch. Active employees are in black color whereas inactive employees are in red.
  2. Edit Employees and deselect “Active” checkbox to make them inactive.
  3. Select the new employee and make this employee “Active”.


What if everyone in the list is current employee?

It’s time to purchase additional employee licenses.

For under 20 licenses, please purchase directly from our website:

Need more than 20 licenses? Please contact us for a quote.

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How to change Language on Time Clocks?

Our colored screen time clocks come with 2 languages: English and Spanish. This instruction shows you how to change language settings on the time clocks.

Start at the Check-In screen.


Press and hold the M/OK button to enter the main menu.

(You will need administrator permission to login.)


 Use keypad to navigate and select System Options.


Select Misc Set from the screen above.

Go to Language option and use arrow button to change the language.


Select OK (M/<-). A message will pop up and confirm that changes were saved successfully. Device needs to be rebooted for the changes to apply.

Press and hold power button 3-12-2015 2-56-41 PMuntil device is turned off. Turn on the device by pressing the power button again.

Changes will be applied once device is restarted.

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Happy Family Day 2015

PrintDear Valued Customer,

Please be advised that our office will be closed for Family Day Holiday on Monday, Feb 16th, 2015. We will only be available through emails. The office will reopen on Tuesday, Feb. 17, 2015 at 8 a.m. Eastern Time (EST).

For any inquiries during the office closure, please send us a message through email to

We hope you all get some quality family time on this Family Day!

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Install IIS on Windows 7 or Windows Vista

February 12, 2015 2 comments

In order to run our web applications, please make sure Internet Information Service (IIS) and ASP are installed and running.

Also be sure that you have administrative user rights on the computer. By default, you do not have administrative user rights if you are logged on as a user other than the built-in administrator, even if you were added to the local Administrators group on the computer.

Follow procedure below to verify if your system has both services installed:

Install IIS 7

To open the Windows Features dialog box, click Start, and then click Control Panel


In the Control Panel, click Programs.


Click Turn Windows features on or off.

windows features

You may receive the Windows Security warning. Click Allow to continue. The Windows Features dialog box is displayed.


Expand Internet Information Services.Additional categories of IIS features are displayed. Select Internet Information Services to choose the default features for installation.


Expand the additional categories displayed, and select any additional features you want to install, such as Web ManagementTools.


Select World Wide Web Services to choose the default features for installation.

If you are installing IIS 7 for evaluation purposes, you may want to select additional features to install. Select the check boxes for all IIS features you want to install, and then click OK to start installation.


The progress indicator appears


When the installation completes, the Windows Features dialog box closes, and the Control Panel is displayed.

windows features

Restart computer.

IIS 7 is now installed with a default configuration on Windows Vista or Windows 7.  To confirm that the installation succeeded, type the following URL into your browser, http://localhost.


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