Setting up PayPunch with Handpunch Reader

Configuring Handpunch Readers for the First Time


1. Press the CLEAR and ENTER keys simultaneously to enter the command menu. The display appears as follows “Enter Password”.

2. Press the default password for the menu you wish to enter. In this case, press 2 for the Setup Menu. (Click HERE for more information on Accessing Handpunch Devices)

3. Press ENTER and the first command option in the selected menu appears. Press # to enter the command shown on the display. Press * to step to the next command in the menu. Here please press # until “Set Serial” is displayed.

4. Input IP address that you would like to assign to this device using number keys. For example, for IP address, press 192168001025. Press ENTER and assign the gateway in the same manner.

5. “HOST BIT 8 NEW?” is displayed, press ENTER. If display shows“9600 baud” press # button to confirm, otherwise, press * until 9600 is shown.

6. Press CLEAR to exit.

NOTE: Make sure that the IP address that you are assigning to the device is not used by any other device on the network.

Testing if the device has been configured properly and testing connection

1. In Windows, go to Start > Run and type cmd, then click OK.


2. When command prompt window opens, type ping where is the IP address that you have assigned to the device and press Enter.

3. If you get a reply from this command, then you device is functioning and you can move on to installing PayPunch. Otherwise, check the device and make sure it is powered on; the network cable is connected and check the IP settings.


Installing PayPunch

1. Download PayPunch Lite, Professional or Enterprise from our official website.

2. Run the setup file.

3. Check Universal Biometric Driver when selecting component to be installed.

Installing PayPunch and UBD

4. Select Create New Database if you are installing PayPunch for the first time.


5. Select Microsoft Access as database type. (If you are installing PayPunch Enterprise and would like to use SQL Server Database, please view this guide.)


6. Click Next until installation is finished.


Configuring PayPunch

Please refer to PayPunch User Manual. You can download it from this link or access it through Help menu in PayPunch software.

Configuring UBD

1. Start PayPunch.

2. Go to Tools > UBD Options menu.

3. Click on Add New Device.

4. Fill in all the reader-related information. Always use port 3001 for hand readers.


5. Click Test Connection button. If the test fails, check all parameters in UBD and on the device.

6. Select Schedule tab in the bottom‐left corner.

7. If you wish to run UBD as a Windows Service that will connect to your device periodically and download logs for you, press Install to install the service.

8. This completes UBD configuration and you can now close it.

IMPORTANT: database file must be located on the same computer where you have installed UBD.

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Victoria Day Office Closure

Victoria_Day_2015Dear Valued Customers,

Please be advised that our office will be closed for Victoria Day Holiday on Monday, May 18th, 2015. We will only be available through emails. The office will reopen on Tuesday, May 19th, 2015 at 8 a.m. Eastern Time (EDT).

For any inquiries during the office closure, please send us a message through email to

Have a Safe and Pleasant Holiday!

Job Activities Tracking with PayPunch Time and Attendance System

Employees who perform different types of tasks may be paid different hourly rates during the pay period. They may also work in different positions at different rates of pay. Calculating working hours accurately is a challenge for payroll administrators.

PayPunch Job Code function helps company keep track of employees’ job activities with ease. With Default and Temporary Job Code Assignment feature, job activity can be tracked with every punch. At the end of the period, simply create a report or export data to your payroll software.

Call us at 1888-777-0388 or email to learn more.Job_Code_Assignment

Reduce Time Theft by Applying Rounding Rules

What is the most convenient way to eliminate Early Punch-In and Unauthorized Overtime? The answer is to set up Rounding Rules.

PayPunch Time and Attendance Software provide you with various tools to properly configure rounding settings in accordance with your government regulations.

Not sure how to do it? Check out this post or contact our support specialists.


Monitor Employee Performance On The Go

Do you need to track employees’ performance while off-site when there is no access to computer? PayPunch Email Option makes your dream come true.

PayPunch emails you the information you need at the time you want. With the help of biometric time clocks and PayPunch software, managing employees has never been easier.

To Learn more, download PayPunch 30-Day Free Trial or contact our support team.on_site_status

Replacing Traditional Time Card System with Biometrics


A study published in the “PayTech” American Payroll Association’s magazine, reports that: Human error associated with manual calculation of payroll costs employers between 1% and 8% of the gross payroll. Manual time card calculation takes about 7 minutes per card. “Buddy-punching” accounts for up to 5% of the gross payroll.

According to the results of annual surveys, on average 4 hours and 18 minutes a week is lost per employee by them coming late, buddy-punching, goofing off, long lunches and breaks and leaving few minutes late to get overtime.

Many companies have taken the control of their labor cost by implementing Biometric Time and Attendance System. Here are some things to keep in mind before making the change.

Choose the Correct Biometric TA Solution

When it comes to choosing the right Biometric Time and Attendance Solutions, there are many things to consider: from hardware to software, from implementing time to system costs. As business owner you may find it way too complicated. Fret not, because experts at Xpress Software can help you answer all the questions. Not sure which time clock and software product is right for you? With our wide selection of time clocks and flexible software products, we can always build the time and attendance solution that meets your needs. More importantly, with the lowest possible price!

Inform Your Employees

We have encountered situation where employers do not want their employees to know that they are switching to biometric time and attendance solution as if it is a bad thing. Actually, with adequate information, employees will soon realize that biometric attendance system benefits them too. One huge drawback of manual payroll process is unavoidable human errors. Biometrics ensures that employees get paid accurately and all working hours are compensated.  Moreover, biometric time and attendance system prompt fairness at the workplace by ensuring that slackers do not get overpaid. This not only reduces labor expense but also boost morale. Furthermore, employees will never be asked to punch for someone else ever again. Last but not least, employees do not need to carry any cards or personal identifications anymore. Inform employees in advance and listen to their concerns. It will go a long way toward easing their fears and getting buy-in for the system.

Train Employees and Help Them Adapt

Explain to employees that the biometric readers are really easy to use, especially fingerprint readers and face readers. Employees only need to scan their fingers or face at the sensor and PayPunch automatically assign record the registration as punch in or punch out. The whole process takes as short as 1 second. Give employees a pilot period to see how this system works.

Explain the Pay Policies and Rounding Rules

PayPunch software comes with Pay Policy, Rounding Rule as well as Overtime settings. Employees’ working hours will be rounded automatically with the software. Let employees know how they are going to be paid when they are early, late or working overtime. You may also install PayPunch Web Login option which allows employees to monitor their working time anytime anywhere.

Address Employees’ Concerns

Some employees may raise concerns regarding privacy. It is important to note that s biometric time clocks do not actually collect and store fingerprints. Instead, it saves a mathematical representation of the employee’s biometric data. As a result, it’s virtually impossible to duplicate the original image from that mathematical representation. Additionally, if employees question cleanliness, this concern should not be dismissed. Instead, you should assure employees that the time clock’s finger zone is not a hot zone for germs. In fact, it will be touched far less frequently than restroom door handles, water cooler spigots, or chairs in the break room.

Advanced ID Creator New Feature: Default Template

April 27, 2015 1 comment

Exciting News! We have implemented a new feature in the upcoming release of Advanced ID Creator 10. Let’s take a look and see how it may improve your ID cards printing experience.

In Data window, choose an employee from the list and select a Template from the drop down menu as the default template of the selected employee.


In Home tab, choose Print Preview.


Setup the page margins, cards layout and other parameters.

4-17-2015 15-22-38



If you are satisfied with the outcome, select Printer icon to print them out. If not, go back and make necessary changes.

Questions? Call us at 1888-777-0388 or write to

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