Advanced ID Creator: Creating your first ID Card

Advanced ID Creator is a popular ID Card creator from Xpress Software, that is used by many over the world. Advanced ID Creator allows you to create professional looking photo ID cards, badges, loyalty, membership cards and other personal identification items in seconds!

In this tutorial, we will be going over the process of making a Photo ID card from scratch. This will be going over Advanced ID Creator Enterprise edition (Version 10.5.277). Some features shown may not be included in the Professional, Premier or Personal editions. To see the comparisons between versions, click here.


1.   The first thing we want to do is to create a new template. For this example, we are using a credit card sized template.

  • You can also create Photo ID cards, Badges, Business Cards, Envelopes, Labels, and much, much more.


2.   We can now add a background to our ID Card. You can choose a preloaded background, or import your own.


3.   Now, we can add our fields. Click and drag the fields you want into the cards. You can even create your own custom fields to use.

  • You can also add other information such as pictures, shapes, lines, text and a QR Code (Quick Response) on your card.
  • You can enable Grid/Ruler to give you more precision. To turn on or off these views, go to View > Template and select Grid or Ruler.
  • If you are printing on a card that has a Magnetic Stripe, you can turn on an option to show the black stripe on the back side of the card. This way, you won’t put any information where the stripe will be. To turn on or off the stripe, go to Tools > Magnetic Stripe > Show.
  • If you want to add a Hole to your card, you can turn on an option to show a gray bar which can be moved to where the hole will be placed. To turn on or off this whole, go to Tools > Attributes > Hole.

Add Fields

4.   Once you have finished your design, you can enter employee data. Do this in the Data window by clicking the person with a + sign.


User Data

5.   You can view how the card will look for this employee by clicking Data Mode in the Data window.


6.   Once everything looks good, you can print your card!

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PayPunch Time and Attendance Software – Email Notifications time out error.

Over a year ago, PayPunch, a popular Time and Attendance software, released an Email Notification feature to help businesses get notifications about their employees time and attendance.

These notification email reports can report on Lateness, On site status, Absence and Early out of your employees.

A few customers have found an issue when using a Gmail address as the email sender, however, this is a very easy fix.

When setting up Email notifications in PayPunch using a gmail address, if you see the error “Cannot send email. Error: The operation has timed out.” after clicking Test Connection, please try the following:

1.  Login to your Gmail account and go to

2.  This page will ask to if you would like access for less secure apps. Select Turn On.

Less Secure

3.  In PayPunch Email notifications, set the SMTP Settings to:

  • Server:
  • Port: 25
  • SSL: Checked
  • Set the From e-mail, login, password and confirm password to your credentials.


4.  Hit Test connection to check if the email is sent.

If you have any more questions, please Contact Our Support Team

September 7 – Labour Day

Today is Labour Day! Relax and enjoy your long weekend!

What will you do on this long weekend?

Please note our office will be closed on Monday September 7th. For any inquiries during the office closure, please send us a message through email to

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Civic Day 2015

Civic-DayDear Valued Customers,

Today is Civic Day holiday in Ontario. Happy holiday to everyone!

Please note that our office will close at 2 PM EDT, we will resume to our normal business hours on Tuesday August 4th, 2015.

For any inquiries during the office closure, please send us a message through email to

How to perform clean installation of PayPunch?

What is clean install?

A clean install is a software installation in which any previous version is eradicated. The alternative to a clean install is an upgrade, in which elements of a previous version remain.

Please refer to the following steps for proper installation procedure:

1. Start PayPunch and login as administrator.

2. Open Tools > UBD options.

3. Stop and then uninstall the UBD Service.

4. Locate PayPunch database (xscommon.mdb file).

5. Backup your database file in a secure location.

6. Exit PayPunch.

7. Go to Start menu->All Programs->Xpress Software->PayPunch and select Uninstall PayPunch.

8. Reboot computer if asked to do so.

9. Rename folders in bold.

Win XP

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Xpress Software\PayPunch

C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Xpress Software\Universal Biometric Driver

C:\Program Files*\Xpress Software\PayPunch

C:\Program Files*\Xpress Software\Universal Biometric Driver

Win Vista, 7, 8.1

C:\ProgramData\Xpress Software\PayPunch

C:\ProgramData\Xpress Software\Universal Biometric Driver

C:\Program Files*\Xpress Software\PayPunch

C:\Program Files*\Xpress Software\Universal Biometric Driver

* Program Files(x86) in 64bit Operating Systems.

10. Download your version of the software.

11. Launch the installation file.

12. Put check marks for PayPunch and Universal Biometric driver.

13. When choosing database, use Create New Database.create_new_database

14. Finish the installation.

15. Run PayPunch. Register the software and create new supervisor.


15. If the software is working well, change database path. Go to Tools and select Database. Change the path and point to your original database.

16. Restart PayPunch and you should have all data back at this point.

17. To ensure that the license file was properly installed, go to Help menu and check About form.

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Office Closure for Canada Day 2015


Dear Valued Customers,

Please be advised that our office will be closed for Canada Day on Wednesday, July 1st, 2015. The office will reopen on Thursday, July 2nd, 2015 at 8 a.m., Eastern Daylight Time (EDT).

For any inquiries during the office closure, please send us a message through email to

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How to Backup Advanced ID Creator Database?

Advanced ID Creator database (Database Name: data.aid) contains information about templates and employee records. It is very important to make backups of the database regularly.

To locate the database, open Advanced ID Creator software, go to Options menu and select Data. As shown in the picture below, path to current database is displayed.database_path

Select Save a copy of the database to save the backup file in a secure location.

Default Path to AIDC database

Windows XP: C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Xpress Software\Advanced ID Creator\database

Windows Vista, 7, 8.1: C:\ProgramData\Xpress Software\Advanced ID Creator\database

For more information, please send us an email to

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